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      0086-411-39552835/39552836 CN | EN


      CAS NO.:2996-92-1

      Molecular Formula:C6H5Si(OCH3)3
      Grade Of Dangerous Goods:
      Packing Category:
      Molecular Weight:198.29
      UN Coding:


      Appearance: colorless transparent liquid
      Purity (%): ≥ 98.0
      Density (25 ℃): 1.067 ± 0.005
      Refractive index (25 ℃): 1.470 ± 0.005
      Production capacity: 200 tons / year
      Package: 200kg / barrel


      (1) As the raw material of modified methyl silicone resin, the strength and weather resistance of the resin are improved.
      (2) It is used as the basic raw material of phenyl silicone oil.
      (3) As crosslinking agent of high temperature silicone rubber.

      Other instructions:

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