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      0086-411-39552835/39552836 CN | EN


      CAS NO.:2031-67-6

      Molecular Formula:C7H18O3Si
      Grade Of Dangerous Goods:3类
      Packing Category:III类
      Molecular Weight:178.3
      UN Coding:1993


      Appearance: colorless transparent liquid
      Purity (%): ≥ 99.5
      Refractive index (25 ℃): 1.3800 ± 0.02
      Ethanol content (% m / M): ≤ 0.20
      Density (25 ℃): 0.8810 ± 0.02
      Chlorine content (PPM): ≤ 2.0
      Conductivity (μ s / cm): ≤ 50
      Production capacity: 1000 tons / year
      Package: 180kg iron barrel


      (1) It is easy to copolycondensation with various monomers to make special cross-linked polymer compounds.
      (2) It can be used as surface treatment agent of inorganic filler and pigment to improve its dispersibility and hydrophobicity.
      (3) It can be used to protect and waterproof other products.
      (4) It can be used as a surface treatment agent for glass fiber and reinforced plastic laminates to improve the mechanical strength, heat resistance and moisture resistance of the products.

      Other instructions:

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