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      0086-411-39552835/39552836 CN | EN

      Sodium Persulfate (SPS)

      CAS NO.:7775-27-1

      Molecular Formula:Na2S2O8
      Grade Of Dangerous Goods:5.1
      Packing Category:
      Molecular Weight:238.13
      UN Coding:1505


      Appearance:White Crystalline Powder  
      Active Oxygen(%):≤6.65  
      Chloride and Chlorate(as Cl,%):≤0.005  
      Ammonia (NH4,%):≤0.05  
      Heavy Metal(as Pb,%):≤0.001  
      Production capacity:4800t/year
      Package:25kg PE bag


      Polymerization: the initiator of emulsion or acrylic acid monomer polymerization solution, vinyl acetate, vinyl chloride and other products, and also the initiator for copolymerization of styrene, acrylonitrile, butadiene and other colloids.
      Metal treatment: treatment of metal surfaces (e.g., in semiconductor manufacturing: cleaning and etching of printed circuits), activation of copper and aluminum surfaces.
      Cosmetics: the main ingredient of bleaching formula.
      Paper: starch modified, wet strength paper pulping.
      Textiles: desizing and bleaching agents - especially for low temperature bleaching.
      ------Chemical synthesis;
      ------Water treatment (purification);
      ------Waste gas treatment, oxidation and degradation of harmful substances (such as mercury);
      Sodium persulfate is a non flammable product, but it can release oxygen and has a combustion supporting effect. When storing, it must be stored in a dry and airtight container to avoid direct sunlight, close to heat source, and contact with organic matter, rust, a small amount of metal and other reducing substances, so as to prevent the decomposition and explosion of sodium persulfate. Since the moist sodium persulfate powder and its aqueous solution have bleaching and slight corrosion, direct contact with eyes, skin and clothing should be avoided during use.

      Other instructions:

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