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      KP-100 is a kind of methyl ethyl ketone peroxide used for curing unsaturated polyester resin at room temperature.



      KP-100 is a universal product of methyl ethyl ketone peroxide, which can provide stable performance when curing polyester resin and rubber coat at room temperature. This product is suitable for the application of shortening gel and curing time. It can be used in hand paste, spray RTM, continuous layer, centrifugal casting, winding, polyester coagulation and vacuum injection.


      Chemical name: Methyl ethyl ketone peroxide
      CAS.NO: 1338-23-4
      Active oxygen(%) 9.6 - 9.8 %
      Appearance Colorless Clear liquid
      Soluble in Oxygenated organic solvent
      Insoluble in Water
      Storage temperature  Max 25 ℃


      5 kg / 25 kg Polyethylene bottle


      Avoid impurities (e.g. rust, dust, ash), risk of decomposition.Electrical installations / working materials must comply with the technological safety standards.Keep away from strong acids, bases, heavy metal salts and other reducing substances.
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