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      0086-411-39552835/39552836 CN | EN

      Benox L-40LV:Benzoyl Peroxide (BPO)

      BENOX L-40LV is a low viscosity, ejectable benzoyl peroxide (BPO)



      BENOX L-40LV is a kind of dibenzoyl peroxide. This product is specially used for curing unsaturated polyester resin and vinyl ester resin.
      This product can also be used as initiator of vinyl monomer polymerization. (e.g. Styrene, acrylate, etc.)


      Chemical name: Benzoyl peroxide
      CAS.NO: 94-36-0
      Active oxygen(%): 0.0264
      Appearance: White powder
      Moisture(%): 0.12
      Viscosity: 1000 cps
      Storage temperature: Min10 ℃ Max 25 ℃


      20 kg plastic pails or 200 kg poly drums.


      Store in original containers away from flammables and all sources of heat, sparks, or flames;out of direct sunlight; and away from reducing agents e.g. amines, strong acids or bases,heavy metal compounds (e.g. accelerators and promoters).
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