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      0086-411-39552835/39552836 CN | EN


      CAS NO.:109-55-7

      Molecular Formula:C5H14N2
      Grade Of Dangerous Goods:
      Packing Category:
      Molecular Weight:102.18
      UN Coding:


      Appearance (25 ℃): colorless transparent liquid
      Content (%): ≥ 99.50
      Chromaticity (APhA): ≤ 20
      Moisture (%): ≤ 0.2
      Package: 165kg iron barrel


      Production of propyl betaine, PKO, zinc plating additives, flocculant, shuangmiewei, etc. It can be used as organic synthesis intermediate, used to produce dyes, ion exchange resin, epoxy resin curing agent, oil and cyanide free zinc plating additive, fiber and leather treatment agent and bactericide.

      Other instructions:

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