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      0086-411-39552835/39552836 CN | EN

      Sodium Bromate

      CAS NO.:7789-38-0

      Molecular Formula:BrNaO3
      Grade Of Dangerous Goods:5.1
      Packing Category:II
      Molecular Weight:150.89
      UN Coding:1494


      Appearance: White crystal powder
      Purity: 99.70% min
      pH: 6~7
      Chloride: 0.05% max
      Sulfates: 0.01% max
      Absorbance: 0.05%max
      Bromides: 0.05% max
      Arsenic: 2ppm max
      Moisture: 0.1% max
      Heavy metal: 5ppm max
      Iron: 5ppm max
      PACKING: 25kg fiber drum


      This product is a strong oxidant. It is mainly used in printing and dyeing auxiliaries, perm agent in daily chemicals, chemical reagent, and mixed with sodium bromide as gold dissolving agent in gold mine.

      Other instructions:

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